Discovery Schoolhouse, where learning is child's play!

Discovery Schoolhouse’s reputation truly speaks for itself. Mary and Dan Szeglowski and staff provide a wonderful environment that challenges children to learn, play and explore. We as parents have also learned a great deal about ourselves and how to help our son Liam reach his true potential. It’s undeniable that Discovery graduates stand out above the rest - they leave independent, confident, self-assured and totally prepared for not just kindergarten but life’s adventures. Liam simply cannot wait to return each summer for camp and we look forward to enrolling our Chloe when she’s of age. We’re so very fortunate to have found such a special place for our children to grow and learn. It’s with pride that we can say we’re a part of the Discovery Schoolhouse Family.
~Gaymarie Rodriguez and Family, Hamburg

If you are looking for a preschool that will have a positive impact on both your child and yourself, look no further than Discovery Schoolhouse! The talents, dedication, and knowledge of Mr. Dan, Mrs. Mary, and their fantastic staff cannot be beat! Discovery Schoolhouse has nurtured the needs of my children and my family in so many ways. Not only have my children learned many skills that they need to be successful in school, but they are also learning how to be responsible, productive, and compassionate citizens and future leaders! Mr. Dan and Mrs. Mary have been there for my family in ways that go beyond what is expected from a preschool. They have provided sound parenting advice, answered questions about expectations for our children, and helped us help our children deal with various "life" issues that we all must face. From the evening Telescope Party, or the annual viewing of the Christmas Play, to the Graduation and Moving-up Day followed by a family picnic, search as you may, you will not find a more educational, loving, or family-oriented place for your child and yourself! My children may have started their schooling at Discovery Schoolhouse, but the lessons learned there will indeed last a lifetime! Thank you so much Mr. Dan and Mrs. Mary!
~Nicole L., Eden

When researching a preschool for our 3 year old, after relocating to Hamburg, Discovery Schoolhouse came highly recommended to us by parents and especially teachers throughout the area. We sent our son there at 3 and I can't express how lucky we are to have found this "haven". He was given an education above and beyond our expectations. He was taught all the basics and so much more. As a bonus, he was taught to love nature and respect our Earth, to be a responsible, accountable person and a "team player", to know what it feels like to be challenged....all with kindness and love. Our son is now 8 and has attended Discovery's very unique camp in the summer since he was 4, as did our older daughter for 4 summers. Mrs. Mary, Mr. Dan and all the teachers put their "all" into the daily activities of their day. It has been a privilege for us to have been a part of this environment.
Invest in experiences....not things!
~Denise B. (Nolan's Mom), Hamburg

Discovery Schoolhouse has helped my daughter since the time she started preschool at age four. Discovery Schoolhouse provides structure and a caring environment that small children need and thrive in on a daily basis. It prepared her emotionally and academically for kindergarten. It also helped her understand how schools work so she felt comfortable when she started elementary school. Her teachers have always commented on on well she behaves and gets along with other children in school. She has also done very well academically in school. She has and continues to attend “Summer Camp” at the Discovery Schoolhouse at her request and insistence since she started elementary school. She looks forward to her summers with Mrs. Mary and Mr. Dan. As a parent I take a great deal of comfort when I drop her off, knowing my daughter is in a safe, healthy and wholesome school that teaches her many important skills while giving her an appreciation for our environment. We can’t imagine what a summer without Discovery would be like.
~Mike F, Orchard Park

My daughter just finished her second year at Discovery Schoolhouse, and what a time it has been. When she comes home and is so excited to tell me all the things she did and learned each day I am just amazed. I have told everyone I know that Discovery is a hidden secret that they need to look at. My sister in law is an elementary teacher and was in awe when she attended a graduation ceremony there last year. She said "as soon as I have a baby I am putting them on a list to make sure there is room for them". Mrs. Mary told me when I was looking into the school that they make learning fun. That is an understatement. They make learning amazing and my daughter looks so forward to going everyday. My only complaint is that her time there is ending and she now has to go off to Kindergarten. She is more than ready "smart" wise, but mom not so much. I wish she could stay at Discovery Forever. She will definately continue the summer program there for as long as possible.
~Angel R., Angola

As working parents in the town of Hamburg, we had tried a few kinds of child care, but none of them compared to our experience at Discovery Schoolhouse. This is the place where we have enrolled our children for the past 4 years. At Discovery Schoolhouse our two children have blossomed into lovers of learning. They enjoy playing outdoors every day, the science based projects, plays, and hands on learning. Our children have been well prepared for future schooling and they continue to play and learn all summer as well. Reading interesting age-appropriate books, taking hikes, learning about cooking and keeping their minds and bodies active. There is an afterschool program as well that offers much of the same for busy parents. We have recommended Discovery Schoolhouse to many of our friends and family. We have entrusted our children to the experienced, warm and talented teachers at Discovery Schoolhouse. We agree that it's the "best kept secret" in Hamburg and Lake View.
~Maureen and Mark G., Lakeview

Discovery Schoolhouse is a fabulous learning experience-not only for children but also parents. My children have grown up during the school years with Mrs Mary and Mr Dan and staff. They continue to look forward to every summer enjoying their special outdoors program as well. Mr Dan has a turtle program that is coveted. They run their program with a firm but tender heart and teach children to get along and respect each other and nature. It is amazing how much my children have learned which gave them a great head start at the beginning of Kindergarten. Even though many years have passed since they started Discovery, they can still recall and recite many things they have learned. We still sing the planet song on long car rides!!

Michelle & John W.,

When it was time to send my three year old to preschool, there was no question it would be Discovery Schoolhouse! His brother and sister attended Discovery Schoolhouse in the early 90's, and the program has remained, under the careful watch of Mary and Dan Szeglowski, a shining star in our community, where children learn responsibility, respect and resourcefulness. A program of adventure, discovery and hands-on science, there is no other place like it. Discovery Schoolhouse has definitely earned its place as "Hamburg's best kept secret"!
He remains there at summer camp today, six years later, proud to be a "Turtle". Focusing on the environment, this program exposes children to adventures in field, stream, lake and woods, camp cooking, treasure hunts, fossil and snake hunting, nature crafts, cliff climbing, rappelling, daily hikes, and examination of the lifestyles of animals and plants.
My children have all learned to be curious and eager learners and have excelled throughout their school years, and on into college. Much credit goes to Discovery Schoolhouse for their successes!

A grateful parent,
Kelly G.