Discovery Schoolhouse, where learning is child's play!

Parent and School Communication

Consistent and open communication´╗┐ between school and parents is essential to a child's success.

At Discovery Schoolhouse, weekly and monthly newsletters keep you up to date on school activities. These keep you informed about the major science and language units underway, activities in art, math and reading skills, as well as notification of parties and field trips.

Written reports are made of each child's progress in late fall and early spring.  Kindergarten readiness reports will be available in late June for the four year old class. Conferences are available throughout the year. There is a special "Parent News" bulletin board providing you with an outline of daily activities divided by curriculum unit, items of interest, lunch and snack menus and upcoming events.

We do our very best to provide you meaningful and informative communications to help you enjoy your child's preschool experience!