Discovery Schoolhouse, where learning is child's play!

Our Philosophy

Discovery Schoolhouse is the culmination of a dream for Mary and Dan Szeglowski, a husband-wife teaching team who have dedicated their life's work to early childhood education.  By using best practice educational philosophy and curriculum combined with compassion, engagement, and consistency, Mary and Dan have succeeded in creating a school that develops curiosity and a love of learning in young students at the same time that an educational foundation is established for each child.

In all levels of our program, children are encouraged to perform tasks and learn from them.  Our teaching philosophy is based on the findings of renowned child psychologist Jean Piaget. Piaget described the preschool age child's learning process as putting together a puzzle. The child sees the world as a puzzle and all new experiences as pieces of that puzzle.  He or she tries to fit them together to make a picture. If the new pieces don't fit together with the old pieces, the child simply makes a new picture. The material and activities in our program are designed to provide the child with the widest spectrum of experiences at each  developmental stage, facilitating the child's growth and giving him or her many puzzle pieces to choose from. The large variety of methods and materials used in our program reflect the Piagetian philosophy and incorporate the best materials of other great educators to aid the children in learning.

Excellent methods and materials are a great aid in providing children with learning experiences, but the most important learning tool is the child's teacher. Our well qualified staff sees each child as an individual traveling on a journey to personal growth and fulfillment and in need of love, care and guidance along the way. We are well aware of the importance of this task and our role as a guide.

Thank you for sharing this responsibility with us!