Discovery Schoolhouse, where learning is child's play!

Our Unique Facility

It is vital for a preschool experience to occur in an exciting, stimulating atmosphere where discovery and exploration are stressed, and where the child feels comfortable and free to develop. Discovery Schoolhouse, as its name implies, strives to provide the child with just such an atmosphere.

Inside the School

Discovery Schoolhouse is located in a former public school building, fully renovated to exceed all preschool and daycare regulations of the New York State Department of Social Services. This spacious facility boasts a library and science center as well as a large-motor skill development room equipped with balance and climbing toys, riding and building equipment and imagination toys.  The small-motor skill room is equipped with puzzles, games, arts and craft supplies, child sized tables and chairs, puppets and a fully equipped playhouse and kitchen.

The Grounds

We have over an acre of outdoor play facilities.  The school's country location was especially chosen to provide the child with a unique opportunity for year round supervised play.  It is especially suited to nature exploration and investigation through all four seasons in the outdoor classroom.Children play ouside twice daily on hard and soft surfaces. They follow woodland paths and study tree growth, slide down big hills of snow and dig in dirt and sand.

For more information on all of our outdoor programs come in and see us!